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Hello beautiful people!

Im Naomi but you can also call me nomes (since we will be besties very soon)

I've always felt a creative side to me when it came to taking pictures. It all started in middle school with my hot pink camera with horrible quality - hallelujah for technology advancements lol. Fast forward- I'm 26 & I've been a stay at home mom for the past 4 years but now I'm creating yumminess and magic that brings a happiness to my heart! If you ask anyone what is one word you'd use to describe me, almost everyone uses the word “chill”.& I am. I'm just a go with the flow, be there when you need me, friends with everyone, let's do whatever kind of person. My goal is to be there for you professionally but also to be there as your new friend, someone to make you feel comfortable while also hyping you up from behind the camera. I can't wait to meet you!!

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what past clients had to say...



“Naomi was an excellent photographer for our engagement. Her photos captured the genuine emotion of that special moment. She was patient with us and our requests and she made us feel comfortable in our own skin. I highly recommend her services!” 

- Aditya + Madina 

“Naomi was exactly what I was looking for when I decided to do self portraits out of my comfort zone. I could write a book about my gratitude. Im not comfortable in front of the camera and she gave me confidence. She loved any idea I asked her for and just added fire to each one. She made it easy and smooth. I told her I had no idea what I was doing so please place me exactly how I need to be and she did just that. She took over but also let me do me just like I wanted. She didn't over compliment (seriously, I appreciated that) and she was so confident when I was not. So so happy I found Naomi and I'll be hitting her up again soon.”

- Haley

“Naomi took awesome pictures for our ceremony and reception. She listens to what you would like and adds extra special touches to them. Shes creative, professional and sweet. Highly recommend for any occasion!”

-Tania + Ricky 

“Laced throughout each and every photo, Naomi encapsulates an authentic vision of her own expertise and what a client asks for. Her work as a photographer, I feel like, is best exemplified through photos of my daughter Amaya, where her shot construction and visionary prowess blends within not only the framework of the photos, but Amaya as well. I put an exorbitant amount of trust in Naomi, and she does not falter in her art, any other client may surely agree.”

 - Kristie